Posted by: comfortjunkie | July 22, 2008

Crafts, Swimming and Paying Bills

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This morning we did watercolor and crayon crafts in class and then I came home to find out that I had to delete my old blog and start yet another one. I think this one though, so I’m not changing it again. Yesiree, update your bookmarks because this one is going to stay.

After crafts, it was time for swimming and I ended up watching 15 kids in the pool all by myself and not one of them drowned. I’ll take that as a win.

Between crafts and swimming, I had to head to the bank to get some money out to pay my very nice masseuse who didn’t charge me yesterday . While I was there, I paid my phone bill and water bill (yes, at the bank!) and then went to the bakery to see if I could find the Roquefort bread they always say they have and I can never remember which day it’s available. Instead I bought champagne bread which I found out is code for SOURDOUGH. Oh, sweet sourdough, how I have missed you! Now I have a fatty loaf sitting in my cupboard waiting for the maid to leave so I can make myself a lovely salmon, garlic aioli sandwich on it. YUM.

You know what they say, living well really is the best revenge.



  1. Too bad you had to delete and start over! And just when I was having time to finally peruse archives of a few blogs.
    Oh well. Such is life.
    Thank you for having me- I took off my shoes and brought you a nice bundt cake.

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