Posted by: comfortjunkie | July 23, 2008

DDT did a job on me & more awesome news

First of all, the good news. Remember that interview I had with the publishing company? Well, I made it to round three and now it’s between me and one other person to get this job writing this book. I’m beyond excited about it and all that’s left is the one thing that I know I’m good at…writing a book proposal. I have a really, really good feeling about this! Could I be the next guidebook writer for this major series? Stay tuned.

Of course that feeling might also be related to the sprayer trucks that having been driving around the neighborhood all night spraying poison on everything to prevent Dengue Fever.  It’s like those films you’ve seen from the 50’s with the big poison trucks spraying everything and all the children running through the mist and down the street. They spray at eye level, sideways, right onto the houses.

Come over and lick my walls. I dare you.



  1. I know “people” that can take care of this other candidate for the job, if you need it.

    Just say the word, but dear god don’t lick the walls. That’s what alcohol is for.

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