Posted by: comfortjunkie | July 24, 2008

Forty Pesos Worth of Fun

I wish there was a more eloquent way to sum up the carnival but I think I’m going to go with OMFG. Never in my wildest dreams…

We got there before it actually opened, so there was no one in the fair except the people who were setting up. The first thing I happened to see was…

Five legged goat

Five legged goat

Now you know me, as soon as I see an animal I run up to see if I can A) Pet it or B) Eat it. So I start petting the goat and I notice something is wrong with its neck, really wrong. It looks like its neck is broken. I didn’t even notice that it had a FIFTH leg growing out of its side. Yikes! While I’m busy being horrified by this, my friend looks up and see this…

The Animal Sideshow

The Animal Sideshow

And since you can’t read it from here, I’ll tell you what’s advertised. A pig with no face and six legs, a cyclops pig, a two-headed duck, two-headed veal, two-tailed lizard and a two headed snake. Oh and a Mayan dog. Also advertised was the optical illusions of the crocodile woman and the spider woman.

La Mujer Araña

La Mujer Araña

We walked around the circus tent and petted the non-deformed animals, including a camel and a very, very sad hippo who was sleeping in a cage that was about half the size of my truck and not tall enough for it to stand up in. The animals were really bringing me down.

My friends all decided to go on the Wheel of Death

Who will be at the top when the lightening strikes?

Who will be at the top when the lightening strikes?

It’s a cool picture but the Wheel of Death (that’s my name for it, not theirs) was literally all frayed belts, bobby pins and hope. It shuddered and shook and went way too fast for my comfort level. I watched until I felt sick.

This is the only carnival I’ve been too where the ride operators wouldn’t have been old enough or tall enough to ride the rides in America. Plus, they all ran several rides at once. This resulted in the longest rides you’ve ever had in your life because the ride jock wandered off or was working some other ride. In one case, he was actually showing his friend how to operate the cotton candy machine for like 10 minutes while the children spun round and round.

In addition to the scary, scary rides, there were a number of games. Some were complicated but you could win prizes like irons and coffee makers, and others like this game of darts, you could win beer. That’s right, beer.

Win beer!

Win beer!

That’s my friend winning a beer. You’re jealous, aren’t you? Instead of corn dogs and lemonade stands, there are full bars and deep fried hot dogs. I order a pina colada (which came in a commemorative plastic cup) and tried one of the deep fried hot dogs that was wrapped in tortilla. Crunchy and … crunchy. I also ate a tamale.

So no scary clowns, sorry, but hey, you got a deformed goat. That’s worth something, right?



  1. Dude, I soo need to time my next visit with the carnival, but I don’t feel too bad since i saw a scary clown waiting for the bus when I last visited

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