Posted by: comfortjunkie | July 25, 2008

If you love Jesus, set him free

Jesus was kind of pissed about being kept in a Rubbermaid container. He ate his celery and cucumbers but he kept trying to escape. The bucket was big enough and contained enough water that he could swim around and he figured out how to climb up on the rocks when he just wanted to chill. I thought he had it pretty good and not a lot of reason to complain. I wasn’t sure he was going to eat the vegetables, so I gave him some Raisin Bran too.

When I left the house today, I followed the river tracks north to see if I could find the spot where he was washed away from. I thought about putting him in the river on the other side of town, but I figured he might have friends and family someplace nearby and perhaps if I stuck him in some water source, he could find his way back to them. I’m a sucker like that.

I followed the road up for a while until I came to a spot where there was a footbridge. I got out and found a way down to the water, went back to the car for Jesus and brought him down to the creek. I set him in the mud and within seconds he stepped into the water and whooshed away. I hope he ended up someplace he wanted to go.

I went over to my friend’s house for a nice, cool swim in her pool. She has the cutest pool ever. It’s just the perfect size and depth for cooling off and swimming a little bit. I left as the rain was starting. I had to run some errands involving food, first Costco and then the supermarket. The rain was picking up and I could smell the rain on hot asphalt smell that takes me back to summers on the east coast. Later in the grocery store, the rain was pounding the roof. I love living here.

I realized, as I was driving home, that I hadn’t been in the position to be driving around my hood during a big rain and now that I have, I’ve determined that it should be avoided. I got to the road by the power lines where there is a dip into the drainage ditch and the water was level with the road. I sat looking at the water with another woman in another SUV, neither one of us brave enough to try to ford it. Of course, I ended up going first and made it without too much trouble. My street was a bit more trouble however. In one spot on the way home I had to cross another drainage ditch and the water came up to my grill. Yes, I think it’s best to plan on being home during big rains. It gives me a good excuse for not leaving the house. The rain is incredible. I cannot believe how much of it falls from the sky in such a short time.  The streets are literally rushing rivers within minutes.

Oh, and today I found out who my competition is for the book. Interesting.


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