Posted by: comfortjunkie | July 29, 2008

I hate planning travel

I am trying to get to San Diego to see my sister and niece. Unfortunately, a trip of this magnitude (not much) requires about eight hours of comparing and contrasting all of the various travel websites, airline websites, hotel websites and car rental websites. The schedule to get from here to San Diego is stupid. Every single return flight leaves at 6AM. There are no non-stop flights. If I want a flight that leaves at a reasonable time, I have to have an overnight layover in LA! The cheapest flight I could find was $500. $500! For $500, I can take a five night Caribbean cruise. Add hotel to my trip and the price goes up to $900. For that I could fly to FLA, and take a 7 night cruise. All inclusive. Gluttony at it’s best and worst. I think I’m just boycotting the airlines until this ridiculousness is over. $50 for a checked bag, $5 for a bottle of water. Strip searching, metal detectors, shoe sniffers, laptop openers, explosive powder dusting, five hour security lines where people STILL don’t know they have to have their ID OUT AND READY. Frankly, I’d rather risk being blown up. I mean the odds are still pretty small.

Hell, for $1000 and a lot less hassle, I could book myself into one of the nicest hotels and spas in town and live it up for a few days. So, so irritating. Vote with your wallets, my friends. Just say no to air travel.


  1. Mmmmm, strip searches!

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