Posted by: comfortjunkie | July 30, 2008

I Can’t Read the News Anymore

Every few days I go to to catch up what’s been happening in the US, and every few days I get depressed and wish I had stayed in my blissful ignorance. Today happens to be one of the better days because there was a little bit of news about a new Alzheimers drug and something about a rescue, and of course the earthquake. But here’s a sample of the rest of the headlines:

Grandma dies saving a baby

Boy, 3, shoots self in head

Three children shot and in critical condition

Hundreds of sea turtle eggs stolen

Father, son missing

Puppy mauls, kills toddler

Mom’s car door kills 8 year old daughter

And this is the just the front page of the US news. I haven’t even clicked into the more in-depth coverage. Of course on the front page of CNN is news about the pregnant marine killer, how the US government is borrowing more money, how people are getting their homes foreclosed on. The US has really turned into a big ole’ pile of shit since GW took office.

The truth is that I love my country, now more than ever. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder, but I really do love my country. Not the administration, or the crime, or the way we treat our social workers and teachers. I don’t love our war on drugs or the war in the middle east. I hate the celebrity culture and the way that sports figures make millions of dollars while people are starving right there in America.

I love our freedoms (although honestly, I feel more free on a day to day basis here), but most of all I love the ideals of the country. I love that we give the message that you can do or be anything you want to. We encourage creativity and individuality. I love the land. America is beautiful.

I believe in my heart of hearts that America is headed for a civil war and it makes me sad. At some point people will say, “enough” and take back the government, to remind them that they are supposed to be FOR the PEOPLE, by the people. Not big business, not oil. When enough people have lost their homes and their jobs, when there’s no more food on the tables, when the gap gets wide enough between the uber-wealthy and the poor, the people will stand up and lay some serious smack down.

Oh, and since I’m sure you don’t keep track of this stuff… the peso is now headed towards being stronger than the dollar. Remember back when it was 3000:1? Then more recently it was 11:1, then 10:1 and now 9:1. Pretty soon, peso=dollar. What do you think about that?



  1. Be glad you got outta OR seriouly. Last nights 10 o clock news these two items were in teh “top 10 at 10” “WA gov gets carded and denied entrance to a bar” oh, and “rose festival past princess busted for shoplifting” hard hitting news I know….

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