Posted by: comfortjunkie | July 31, 2008

What Do You Mean You Are Out of Monkeys?

I went to pick something up from a friend today. He was working in an office next to this artist’s shop; an artist who had a TON of Day of the Dead stuff that is super cool. I found a wall sconce for candles that I am buying the second that one of my clients pays the invoices that just went out. In fact, there are two that I cannot decide between and one of them would go perfectly on my scary mask wall. Maybe I can talk him into a two-fer.

While I was there, I was scanning the local classifieds and came across an ad for a monkey store, er “exotic pet” store. They promised monkeys, toucans, parrots and more. I decided that on the way home I would stop and price the monkeys and maybe see if they could get a sloth for me. I was hoping that this was a bargain basement monkey store, filled with dirt cheap monkeys. Maybe some clearance monkeys.

I drove around until I found it. It looked too small to be a monkey emporium, but I thought they might have a secret back room filled with monkeys, so I went in. They had a parrot and a turtle who’s head looked like an autumn leaf. They were fresh out of scorpions, but they did have a tarantula. I asked about the monkeys. “yes, we get monkeys. Marmosets, but we are out right now.” Out of monkeys!

Depressed, I continued on my way to the supermarket. I am not going to the big supermarket anymore, instead I am going to the smaller, locally owned store in my city. Last time I was there, I noticed they had big, beautiful, purple garlic – perfect for roasting and eating with brie. I bought some nectarines too. There were a couple of things that I need to go back and buy since I was just picking up essentials right now. One is a huge jar of locally produced molasses that I will use to make brown bread. They also had a fantastic spice and vanilla selection. The best part of the trip was easily the “health” food aisle, filled with diet teas and protein powders. I found some bear oil and a weird, thick substance that could have been some kind of special soap or it could have been a lice shampoo. It was thick and almost black. I didn’t want to break the seal to smell it but I think it would smell like that medicated shampoo stuff, like flea shampoo. There was avocado shampoo and lots of strange creams and salves.  It definitely bears a closer look.

Now since for the very first day in I don’t know how long, I have absolutely nothing due, I’m going to take a nap and dream about marmosets.



  1. I’m suprised you didn’t try to buy a coatimundi…

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