Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 2, 2008

Cat Troubles

Yesterday was meltdown day. In addition to having no water, being late for an important meeting because the road was closed for some jerk on a tractor, the roadblocks at the border still being up; my real beef is with the animals, all of whom are thisclose to being taken to the shelter and put down.

My problems are these:

1) The dogs, who have been potty trained for ages (T for 10 years, the other T for 2), find it more convenient to pee on the rugs that they do to go outside. I thought it was just Tsunami but then I caught the other one doing it (and gave him a sound smacking). This is gross and irritating and results me having to wash my rugs all the time. I try to keep an eye on them but they sneak off to do it and other than making them outside dogs, which would be somewhat cruel with the heat and rains, I don’t know what to do with them.

2) The kittens are not getting the concept of shitting outside. If I have a litterbox in the house, the big cats stand in it and shit over the side. If I take it out, the kittens pee on the rugs and shit on the floor. I can’t win. If I corral the kitten off, the big cats will jump over the baby gate and as long as there is a litter box they won’t go outside to poop. So I can clean up big cat shit or little cat shit. Never option thrills me. Do I make the kittens sleep outside at night and stay outside when I am gone for the day? Even if I do lay down paper, I’m still cleaning up cat shit, usually cat shit that someone has stepped in a tracked all over the house. Frankly, I’m about ready to take the kittens somewhere because its resulting in the total ruination of my home. One of them peed in MY BED this morning. Thank god for OxyClean.

So I don’t know what to do. If I take them to the shelter, they will be killed. No question. I can’t ask someone else to foster them because most of the cat fosters have 30-60 cats already, and here I can’t handle two.

In other news, the water is back to normal! Hooray!



  1. I knew a woman who had cats that wouldn’t use the litter box properly. She solved the problem by taking a very small kid’s wading pool and just filling it with litter. For some reason, that fixed the problem- maybe they like to spread out a but and enjoy the open air?
    Cats are weird and I don’t know how to train dogs.

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