Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 2, 2008

Pool Day!

The morning started boringly enough. The housekeeper came at 9am and by 10am the landlord was here too. He and his family were, for some reason, painting the exterior of the house and yard. They also cut the knee grass and made everything all shiny and pretty while the maid made the inside of the house shiny and pretty. Did I mention that love both of them?

It was so freaking hot today, it must have been at least 95-100 degrees. I could feel my skin burning as I left the house to go to a friend’s pool. Well, actually it was a friend of a friend’s pool and that person was out of town, so G, R, and I all went over to enjoy it and the beach.

The absolute best part about the pool was a grotto that was at the bottom of a little waterfall. When you got into this secondary pool, it was COLD. Not luke warm, not cool, but COLD. Man, it was awesome. I read some of my book, swam in the ocean (which was so clear and so warm, 86 degrees to be exact), and then more pool. It was a super great day. The condos had a little restaurant too so we could order cold drinks and food, really, really cheap and delicious food. I think that R’s ceviche was $4 for a big portion.

Between this and last weekend’s boat day, I’m actually starting to regain my winter tan. The best revenge is living well…

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