Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 4, 2008

More on Severed Heads and Animal Nightmares

Okay, here’s the link to the severed head story:

Last night I had a nightmare that I found a hidden basement in a house that I owned and it was filled with animals. I was looking down into this hole and I saw a pig, a pink and black spotted pig. Then from the doorway in the hole came a Doberman, two mini-pins, a giant manx cat and some Benji looking dog. In my dream I had the idea that I could now get rid of the two kittens and trade up for the adult Manx, since at least it was old enough to go outside to use the bathroom. Sigh. I do love the kittens, I really do, I just really hate cat shit.

Milagra (or Millie) actually is called Punkinhead more often than not and Ophelia goes by Bones.

I’ll be posting a kitten pic later for your enjoyment.

Ok, so the pickle challenge is back on. I found out that no, they do not have mason jars in Mexico. You have to save your glass jars and can in those SO I am dedicating the next two weeks into accumulating glass jars so that I can finally make some pickles. It is nearly impossible to find dill pickles here and so I shall make my own (or die trying).

During my pickling research, I came across a number of pickling recipes including one for pickled mango. I personally, only like mango in smoothies, so I won’t be pickling any, but I thought it sounded interesting. Spiced peaches on the other hand…those sound wonderful. Canning is something that my grandmother did and I’ve always admired. Maybe it was from reading all the Little House on the Prairie books when I was a kid. What else can you can? The other thing I can’t find here is apple sauce, so maybe I’ll crazy go nuts and whip up some of that too.



  1. I demand kitten pictures. Please let me know when they’re posted so I can come look. Also, my parents have a Doberman and a mini-pin, so your dream is kinda like their real life. A manx cat would be cool but I hope they don’t get a spotted pig. Yeah, I don’t like cat shit either. Who does?

  2. Weird. I must have subliminally co-opted your parent’s pets for my dream. I know the basement element came from the book I finished yesterday (Monday Mourning, Kathy Reichs) which contained girls trapped in hidden basements. As for the pig and the cat, well, I’m at a loss.

    My dogs like cat shit, but they like dead animals too.

  3. FYI…your MOTHER canned too…pickles, jam, applesauce, tomatoes, tuna (pressure cooker only).

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