Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 5, 2008

Red Meat Makes Me Mean

It’s true, it does. When I eat red meat, about an hour later I’m just plain mean but that’s not where I am going with this post. Just file it under “interesting facts about random internet strangers.”

I had to go to Old Town today which made me insane. I hate, hate, hate old town. I hate everything about it. I hate the streets, the non-existent parking, the pink, tourists sporting their logoed clothing, the overpriced shops, the smell of the sewage water, the constant double parking of delivery vehicles, the 300 buses that crawl through the neighborhood all day, the jaywalkers, the scooter riders, the timeshare OPCs, the beggars. I hate it all. Going there, without fail, ends in me screaming “I hate this fucking city,” over and over while pounding my steering wheel in frustration. Today was no exception.

My attitude problem was compounded by the fact that I had low blood sugar and a lack of sleep. Anyway, after my nightmare morning was completed, I went to the supermarket to get some cat litter and chow for the hounds. While I was there, I saw exactly what I needed to feel better about life:

Meaty goodness.

Meaty goodness.

Do you see the meaty goodness that lies within? In case the picture alone does not convey the awesomeness was my breakfast, I will share with you the ingredients: ham, bacon, chorizo, jalapenos, cheese and some kind of spicy tomato sauce. There might have been even more pig parts wedged inside the doughy, delicious bread shell, but I am not sure.

To offset the protein, I had to wash it down with a Manzanita Sol Exotica soda which I had never seen, so it must be new. Like the Manzanita Sol, it is an apple soda (read carbonation) but the exotica version has strawberry and kiwi soda too! Apple-strawberry-kiwi SODA. Fizzy, sugary soda to wash down my variety of pork products and bread. Mmm. The breakfast of champions.


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