Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 5, 2008

Thunder Promises, Fails to Deliver

All yesterday this booming thunder was covering the valley, despite the fact that it was sunny and hot. I was sure a big storm was headed my way. This is important because once a torrential downpour starts, it’s questionable as to how and when I might get home, even in my 4-wheel drive. Since I had a dinner invitation, I decided to risk it. Lo and behold, no rain at all. Just a few droplets. But dinner was the bomb, super yummy pasta and bread. MMMM.

Today I get paid, at least by a few of my clients, so I can replenish my cupboards. This is good because I ate the last piece of cheese and the last scrapings of jam yesterday. (My first glass jar! Watch out pickles, here I come). The dogs are eating the crumbly bits in the bottom of the dog food bag and they are not happy about it at all.

It’s not like the US here where you can just run off to the supermarket and buy a cat box. For one, 100% of the cats crap outside. I was amazed to find a cat box at all, and the one I did is very small. Animals don’t generally live indoors in here, you know. Secondly, pet supplies are outrageously expensive. Insanely so. That $50 bag of dog food in the states? $90 here. A litter box? $20 and so on. So I have two choices for reducing the amount of poo-poo de gato that is around my house (sounds nicer in Spanish, doesn’t it?). I can go the kiddie-pool route (thanks for the suggestion) or I can wall in under the stairs so that only the kittens can get under there to use the box. I’ll let you know which one works.

Because I had so much fun with photos yesterday, here are some more that I’ve taken.

The seaside graveyard.

The seaside graveyard.

I'm too sexy for my shirt.

I'm too sexy for my shirt.


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