Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 6, 2008

Prius v. Garbage Truck

I hardly know where to begin.

Head downtown.

Run into millionaire. Free drinks follow.

Dinner (yellow curry and coconut rice) at Asian restaurant.

Return to bar for more free drinks.

Random wealthy stranger buys roses for the women at the bar.

Hot guy at other side of bar motions me over for a drink. Numbers exchanged.

Drive home, creamed by garbage truck on the driver’s side of my friend’s car.

Pull over and listen to friend, husband (via cell phone) and four garbage men discuss the accident.

Brush broken glass off my face, arms and body.

Dutifully take down license plate number of garbage truck.

Attempt to get witnesses name and number. Witness refuses, gives attitude.

I talk loudly about the witness while writing down her license plate number and snapping pictures of her with my cell phone.

Witness gives me hard looks.

Resist kicking witness’ ass. Instead make the universal signal for “what’s up? You want a piece of this?”

Witness insists we were at fault although the garbage truck was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Consider playing the race card. Wisely keep silent.

After the situation is resolved, drive home and shower off rest of broken glass.

So that was my night. Surprisingly, the Prius held up rather well considering it was hit by a GARBAGE truck going fairly fast. Also, not entirely convinced of this “safety” glass feature that cars reportedly have. The important part? No one is in jail and no one is seriously injured or god forbid, killed. Other than being covered in glass, having a little residual shock and some serious neck and head pain, I think I’m pretty okay.

Now I’m going in for some kitten cuddles.


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