Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 7, 2008

New Room Tax at Casa de Los Niños Perdidos

You realize that it’s practically the middle of August which means it’s almost Sept. which means that it’s almost OCTOBER and that’s when cold weather starts kicking in for a lot of the US. This means I should start hearing from long-lost relatives and forgotten high school friends and people I haven’t heard from since last winter, all wanting a free place to stay in Mexico. Well guess what? The price of the room has just gone up.

I need license plates. I don’t care what state of if they have expired tags or no tags at all. I don’t even care if they are novelty plates that kind of look like they might be real license plates. Hell you can even bring me ones that say ALCATRAZ on them if you want to, but I need a collection of license plates or I’ll have to resort to stealing them and my goal is to stay out of mexican prison. You can steal them if you want though.

The thing is that someone stole my front license plate. When you get a ticket here, they take your back license plate and if you have no license plates, they take your car. I would like to keep my car and I can’t get new license plates from Oregon because I don’t live there anymore and I’d have to pay registration and what have you.

So my plan is, should something happen to my current license plate, that I have a back up collection to select from to replace it with. The transit cops wouldn’t know the difference and no one cares if your car registration is current here or not … problem solved. It’s either that or try to find a way to get a replacement plate from Oregon and then weld it to the bumper (another solution I am considering). But there you have it. You’ve got a free place to stay for one week IF you bring me a license plate.



  1. i may have my WA plates from my accord from when I moved to OR a few years back.. lemme look around and see if I can find em.. and then figure out how to get em to you…..

  2. I will bring plenty of license plates for you if I could stay where you live for one week!

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