Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 7, 2008

Thanks for the outpouring of concern

No, really, I’m fine. General Zoltan says that I didn’t make the accident sound that bad so I’ll reiterate. We were hit by a GARBAGE TRUCK. You have garbage trucks where you live, don’t you? You know they are like two-stories tall and weigh something like 5 tons? I’m just saying, even when one hits you going 20 miles an hour or so, it has potential to be fatal. It wasn’t, but it COULD have been. Sheesh. If nothing else, it was scarier than shit.

So I think I’ve resolved the cat shit problem by building an impenetrable wall of misc. crap around the stairs. Now only the kittens can squeeze through and have access to their food, water and litter box. Now there are no more big cats shitting outside of the box and no more kittens shitting on the rugs. Hooray. I do not have to take the whole brood to the pound.

I’m finally getting to the point where I’m making a very decent wage but I have been poor in this country for a while. This means I have a lot of expenses just waiting to be eaten up as soon as I get money. Last month it was car repairs, getting Snow’s eye sewn up, other vet bills, a huge first phone bill with all the installation charges, and so on. So I find myself broke this month, mainly because the clients who so love to ply me with last minute requests that they want a 24 hour turnaround on, are not nearly that insistent on a quick turnaround when it comes to paying me. So yesterday found me with $4 to my name and no gas in the truck with a meeting across town today.

I used to write a lot of articles for eHow, just for fun and a little extra money here and there. I haven’t written anything since April though so imagine my surprise when I got an email from Paypal telling me that they paid me $40 for my articles last month. Awesome.

I can make it to the meeting. This meeting will have one of three results. I will get paid. I will get fired. I will fire the client. These are the only three options. I screwed up something last month. A minor screw up but to exacerbate it, there was only one minor screw-up and the other thing I did, I was completely right for doing BUT when the client disagreed, I pushed back. I pushed back because I assume people pay me for my PROFESSIONAL opinion and that they would like to be told when they are wrong and why. Perhaps it’s my delivery or perhaps it’s that people really just want to be right, but it’s not always appreciated and I suspect that is the case with this person. I suspect. I think I’ve been getting the cold shoulder since but as one of my 200 shrinks has pointed out in the past, I need to disasterize situations. I could have been working myself up over nothing for a few weeks or i could be completely right. I hate that.

Meanwhile, I’ve got another problem child who is just ignoring me. I hate being ignored. Every day for four days I’ve sent emails with the last one being two days ago with a PLEASE RESPOND subject line. Nada. This irritates me to no end because again, it’s rude and unprofessional (unless they are all dead from a gas leak or something, in which case, it’s understandable). Just fire me. Email me and say, “we’ve decided to go with someone else. We’ve decided not to renew the retainer. We’ve decided that we are too busy to work with you.” whatever. We don’t like you. Stop emailing us. We are not paying you. It’s not hard to type. And if you aren’t going to fire me, PAY ME. For the love of God, just pay the invoice when you get it.

You will notice on my sidebar that I have finally succumbed to Twitter. I still really don’t see the point but then I don’t really see the point of blogs either. It baffles the mind that anyone would want to read the inane ramblings of a stranger particularly when it’s not that well written, entertaining or thought out like some blogs. Now boil that down to 1-2 sentences of minutiae, which are basically the same as Facebook status updates, and they become even more pointless and boring. And yet I do it and still you read it. Weird. In fact, two days ago I broke the record for # of hits for this blog at 100. One hundred people stopped by looking for information on chunky lemon juice and deformed animals and all they found were severed heads and turtle pictures.

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