Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 8, 2008

Burger King and White Linen

We had a party today to celebrate the end of summer camp for the kids. They’ve had four weeks of fun and now it’s time to go back to playing with rocks and plastic bottles. We decided that the last day should be a party with cake and ice cream at someplace nice. Although my original idea was to have the event at a pool or the beach, it was difficult to find a hotel that wanted to invite 120 screaming, peeing children into their pool in the middle of a busy tourist season. Weird.

Instead we got a conference room at a very nice hotel. They provided everything for us; sound system for the music who canceled last night at 9:30pm, tables with white linens and chairs, a projector screen so we could show slides. The restaurant who was going to cater also backed out so instead of lots of peel and eat shrimp and tacos, we ended up having Burger King. The manager was awesome enough to donate 150 cheeseburgers and fries and Coke donated 230,000 cases of their latest juices. The staff at the hotel was awesome, as they treated it just like we were having a real event. They came around with extra bottles of juice, refilling cups and offering paper napkins to go with our paper Burger King bags. It was pretty sweet.

Since the musicians canceled, the clowns went long, then we had some lard cake and ice cream. I got interviewed by the local press and the kids all had an awesome time. A local department store donated a bunch of prizes and we had a raffle. A bunch of kids went home with new rolling backpacks and soccer balls.

I think I did okay on the interview except that when I’m nervous, I talk too fast and sometimes my brain is faster than my mouth and I skip words like I do when I write. Whatever. I was too busy dwelling on whether or not I was shiny, if my arms looked fat and whether or not my giant head would actually look ten lbs heavier on film. Could they even fit my head on film? Would it look like a blond basketball was asking people to donate their time and teach English? I shudder to think. I may have told the video guy that I wouldn’t be offended if they just wanted to use our director’s interview instead of any parts of mine. You know, once you get a book picked up by a publisher, it’s like a year or more before you have to promote it so I’m thinking once my book sells, i can go on the Calista Flockhart diet and get down to a size -4 before Oprah. But this, this was not expected.



  1. I’m totally not nervous at all with interviews, public speaking, etc…
    but for whatever reason I often find myself speaking like a machine gun in those situations.

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