Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 8, 2008

People are insane.

I was not meant to work with people. I think I should have been …someone who doesn’t.

So the meeting actually went better than expected. I am one intuitive mofo though. The coolness I was sensing was not because of my work but rather because the client knew she wasn’t going to be able to afford me and was going to have to let me go. I hate firing people. I hate it. I’ve had to do it and it’s awful so I can certainly see why she was avoiding me. Anyway, I agreed to work on a per project basis and everything was pleasant and friendly with the door left open. Fantastic.

HOWEVER…for some completely insane reason, she has turned out a fantastic media opportunity I had lined up and now I have to scramble to find someone to fill it. This could turn out great for me because it could lead to a new client. The timing for losing this client was perfect since my other client just bumped up my retainer and there’s a crap pile of work lined up for the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the music for the special event that is happening today canceled last night after I scrambled around looking for a sound system that didn’t cost $400 to accommodate them. Perfect. Now I’ve got 120 kids, 20 adults and no music for a noon event. <shakes head>

Why, why, why do people lack vision? It baffles the mind.


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