Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 12, 2008

Sore and hot

Yup, I’m sore today, but in a good way (mostly). I have strong legs (from scuba) and arms (dunno why, always have though) but my core needs a lot of work. My back is sore and my abs.

The rain finally came this morning at 7am but only for a brief while and now it’s back to being sweltering again.

I’m waiting for my friends to bring over a chair that goes with my new living room set and then it’s off to Costco and to find 1/2 & 1/2. This evening another friend is coming for drinks and to talk to my housekeeper about watching the animals this weekend while I am out of town.

Notice the new tab at the top of the page? I’ve added a page of starring cast members for this little blog.

So the guy I met the other night has been calling me non-stop for three days now. Granted, he doesn’t know that I don’t answer my phone (oh how I regret putting my number on my new cards), but still he calls three to five times a day all day and all night long. He’s persistent, I’ll give him that. Unfortunately, the grating sound of my phone ringing off the hook makes it all that much less likely that I’ll actually answer. Dude, seriously give me a chance to call you back. I wish I could throw my phone into the ocean. I hate the stupid thing. I wish we lived in a world without phones. Every time it rings, I grit my teeth. It’s like an ice pick in my skull and the feeling of irritation that someone, somewhere wants to interrupt my “me” time to make me talk to them is overwhelming. The weird thing is, I’m not a socially awkward freak. I can talk on the phone perfectly fine but answering the phone causes me tremendous anxiety. I’m avoidant and the more I avoid it, the worse I get. I go days without checking my messages. I go days without even seeing my phone (oh, those are happy days indeed). I wish there was some way to restrict incoming calls completely (turn my phone off, I guess). Maybe it’s because phones carry bad news, maybe it’s because I’m an anti-social weirdo. Maybe people should just email me instead or at the very least, TEXT. Then there’s no commitment. I don’t need to respond immediately. I’m not locked into a conversation where I can be pinned down on something. It’s so much more pleasant, writing.

So should I call him back or what?



  1. God, I’m the same way with the phone. I hate having to answer, so I rarely do. I think that may be my control-freakishness coming out again- I like being the one who has the option of either blessing them by answering, or making them wait for me to call them back.

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