Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 20, 2008

I Want to Believe

So the Bigfoot thing turned out to be a big hoax, huh? Well, all I can say is DUH! How gullible are you? Last year it was mermaids and this year its Bigfoot. “Internet goes wild,” was part of the headline about the Bigfoot story, which just goes to show you who’s using the internet these days. It was a rubber gorilla suit, jeez, you guys!

Meanwhile Gary Glitter, who was just released from a Vietnamese prison decided to make an extended layover in Thailand. Shocking. He served a whopping 2 months in the UK for possessing thousands of hard core kiddie porn pics, runs off to Vietnam where he molests a 9 year old and an 11 year old, serves time and SURPRISE! wants to visit Thailand! Unfortunately for him, Thailand is currently booked full of pedophiles so he has to wait in queue for an available opening.

While reading the local gay guide here in my own little slice of paradise, I noticed an ad in the back that says, “if you are interested in our community’s children in a sexual way, we ask you to leave. Today.” While I appreciate the sentiment, I wouldn’t imagine this is an effective ad campaign. It’s not like the pedophiles are going to read that and say, “you know, you are right. I should just leave without molesting or purchasing any children.”

Well, there you go. Some bright and shiny news to start your day off. No need to thank me. I live to serve.

There will be no resting on my laurels today, sadly. I must go to meetings today and tomorrow. It’s so lovely and overcast this morning, undoubtedly it will be 2,000 degrees C when I actually have to leave the house in two hours.


  1. Nice page. I share your interest in Bigfoot, and I’ve been watching the recent events with a keen eye as well. You should probably check out my story about my personal Bigfoot hunting expedition which started in the backwoods of Arkansas and is now headed to Australia for the “Yowie.” I just posted part one of this story, and the second half will be up tonight.
    Catch ya’ later,

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