Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 22, 2008


Something big is going to happen today. I can just feel it! Do you ever get feelings like that? I am helping a friend of mine get an agent for his book and last night we got a request for more information, so maybe it’s that or maybe it’s my own book or hell, maybe DHL will show up with a package for me that contains root beer and a copy of Psychology Today. I don’t know anyone who has my address or a list of my secret desires but stranger things have happened.

Speaking of agents, I made a little blunder in my correspondence with some of them. I was reading up on queries for mystery novels, which is what my friend has written and I saw the word “cozy” repeatedly in what I was reading. The only definition that I saw along with this word was “the first in a series,” so I sent out a few queries labeling the book as a “modern mystery cozy.” Well, a cozy is a book that usually has a female protagonist, is set someplace like the English countryside and normally has very little violence or dark themes.  So basically the opposite of the book I was pitching. Oopsie. We got a request for more info too, so I hope the agent doesn’t really expect a cozy. I told my friend that today I was going to pitch his book as a sci-fi western romance. Silly me.

Still you have to admit…in less than 10 emails, my carefully crafted query resulted in a hit. I am a MARKETING GOD. Worship me.

Want to make a fortune? Import root beer to my city. Every expat I know is lusting after root beer, which does not exist in this country.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find Milagra curled up on my chest. Awwwwww! Ophelia couldn’t care less about me, but Millie loves me. Sweet.

My neighbors have produced the most horrible baby ever. My neighborhood has always been so peaceful and quiet and in the last few days there has been a wailing, screaming, crying toddler across the street. This child does nothing but howl all day and all night long. Last night it was shrieking, SHRIEKING for what seemed like hours. I don’t know what’s wrong with the kid but someone needs to find a way to mute it. I’m thinking orphanage.

Oh and who was googling “deformed kitten heads,” to get to this site? Freaks.


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