Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 25, 2008

Secondhand Nut Exposure

I was reading the comments in the thrilling conclusion of the Great Nut Debate when someone used the term sceondhand nut exposure. I love that.

It also made me think of whether there is a way I can use this. Perhaps in future book you will see one of my characters get greased up in nut oil and then hug someone with severe nut allergies. Oooh, or use peanut oil lip gloss and give the peanutty kiss of death! I can write a whole series of seed and nut-related murder mysteries.

Cashews of Death

The Poison Peanut

Sesame Murders

From Walnuts to Grave

Ok, now thank you for to be enjoying this photograph of my cat stalking a chicken.

Catch that chicken, Grace!

Catch that chicken, Grace!



  1. I trust that I will get credit in your book for that statement, or at the very least a 5% kickback. I don’t even remember writing that comment, so I’m glad someone got something out of it!

    Our cat back in the States used to stalk deer. Yes, deer. Crazy things.

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