Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 25, 2008

Still more proof that I rule

It’s not enough that I’ve written my own awesome travel book, or that I’m currently in negotiations to take over a popular guidebook for my area, no, this is not enough for me. I like to spread the joy around.

What made any high profile author famous? Not their writing. Nope. It’s not enough. It’s marketing. It’s all marketing, baby. Marketing to the agent, then the publisher and then the public. Without marketing, millions of great books sit on shelves never to be read. Writers are not necessarily marketers and publishers don’t spend money to market first time authors. You on your own, fool.

We are receiving even more requests for sample chapters and proposal from agents that I’ve sent my super incredible awesome query letter to. Why? Because I took a mediocre query that he was using and turned it into something spectacular. I did the same thing with the synopsis. Of course, now the race is on…who will get published first? If its him, he has to adopt four out of my five cats. If its me, then well, it’s me and I’m going on a cruise to Greece with my best friend.

That said, there is still plenty of proof that I suck too. Yesterday I set out a single task for myself. Did I complete this task? No, I did not. All I needed to do was make a flier to sell my living room set. That’s all. Sad, really. Still on the agenda for today.

What I did do was finish Season 1 of Damages (I know, that WAS fast! It was that good). It ended with a twist that I didn’t see coming (always a good thing). Seriously, if you like mysteries, watch it.

Now I’m off to write the next best selling sci-fi western romance.


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