Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 26, 2008

No Water, Today of All Days

I am picking up an actress who is in town for an award show and taking her to the dump to meet the kids. The press is coming along for the ride. Today, I cannot take a shower because I have no water, AGAIN. When they are working on the water system, they normally shut it off from 9-5pm but this morning I was up at 8:30 and there was no water. This means I have to wash my face and brush my teeth with bottled water and also means that my hair will be shitty all day even though I took a long shower last night at 9pm when I got home from a very punishing pilates class.

Out of the three goals I set for myself yesterday, I managed to accomplish ONE. A single goal. I organized my guest room (which is currently housing my old living room set) and took pics of the set for a flier. I made the fliers and I hung them up. I need to sell this 3-piece set before people come and stay with me.

I did some other important stuff too. I rewrote my original book proposal, sent my agent a list of publishers I wanted to send my book to and … well, I could have sworn that I did some other stuff too. Whatever, I went to pilates and that is the important thing. I cannot convey how difficult it is to follow an exercise class in another language. It really sucks and makes me feel stupid.

Oh course, as one my friends pointed out, I’m now becoming illiterate in two languages. My English is going to shit too, living down here. Soon I’ll be talking at a second grade level in both my native and secondary languages. Oh joy.



  1. did it come back on?

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