Posted by: comfortjunkie | August 30, 2008

Back to the boring stuff

Sorry guys, unless my book suddenly sells, I’m not expecting anything near as exciting as last week to happen for a while. My life is going to dramatically change over the next six months or so as writing this book is going to take me out onto the open road, covering significant portions of two states.

Last night I sort of realized that actually getting the book was the easy part. Now I’ve actually got to write it. Fortunately, it’s an update but there’s a lot of new stuff that I’ve proposed and the editors liked, so I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ve started another blog where I’m actually going to detail the entire process of writing the book from negotiating the contract to publishing to promoting it. If you want the address for that, it’s If you don’t know my first and last names and don’t feel like doing any detective work, drop me a line and I’ll hook you up. But only if you promise to stalk me.

So as part of that realization, I spent last night looking up past and present authors of the series and emailing them for tips. The worst they can do is tell me to drop dead or ignore my emails and hopefully one or two of them will actually give me some information I can use. I also read some incredibly mind-numbing articles on book contract negotiations. I’m not sure I want to bring my agent into the mix because that means agent fees and I’m already not really going to be making much money from this book (when you consider the expenses and time put into it against the royalties which I have to split with the old author).  That much I did figure out from reading travel author’s websites.

So I’m setting up my huge PR machine to start building momentum now for the book with the blog and a press release (really, thank god for my years and years of marketing and PR experience!). I’m going through the current book and deciding, locally, who is staying in and how many spaces I have to fill with new restaurants, hotels, spas, galleries, etc… and then trying to figure out a realistic timeline and itinerary for my many out of town trips.

In my twisted fantasies I am very much like the Chris Tucker character, Ruby Rhod from the 5th Element, except that I am neither black nor male.

I am here to review your restaurant!

I am here to review your restaurant!

Although I made a promise to every potential higher power I could think of that IF I got this book, I would not use my power for evil, it’s still nice to know that the local business owners who have not exactly been … nice to me in the past, do not necessarily need to be included in this updated edition. I mean, as much as I would looooove to include everyone, I can’t now, can I?

Now I just need to get the outfit from above in dog sizes for my entourage.



  1. If they make that outfit in XXXXLXLXLX 🙂 I can be your side kick aka bodyguard 🙂

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