Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 2, 2008

So THAT’S how they do that…

One thing I LOVE about my house is the openness of it. My living room has french doors that go onto the balcony, plus wide windows on both sides of the room. The hallway that goes to the bedrooms is open. From nearly anywhere in my house, I can watch what is going on in my neighborhood. The flip side being that anyone climbing around on their roof can look into my house. The only real inconvenience is that my bathroom is the size of a shoebox so I prefer to keep the door open whenever possible to avoid feeling entrapped in its coffin-like atmosphere. Occasionally there will be someone on the roof when I get out of the shower and I will have to scramble for my towel and sneak off into my room to dry off.

Anyway, while I was working on all morning, I noticed a giant crane pull up. I thought, at first, that it was for fixing something on the power pole, but instead the crane arched over three houses and deposited a pole into what appeared to be my neighbors backyard. I’d noticed various construction materials being ferried back there but never thought much of it. As long as they stay one level, what they do with their house is no concern of mine. When they build the second floor is probably when I will move again. So the tube was in place and then a concrete truck rolled up. Before my very eyes, they laid a concrete roof on some addition of their house that they had built in the back. It was pretty interesting.

My downstairs neighbors are practically invisible, which I love, but last night they called me down to talk. They wanted (I’m guessing really, since the whole conversation was in rapid Spanish) to use my yard because they are having people over on Friday. It’s not an insane request but it’s also not one I’m willing to grant. They asked the landlord when they moved in if they could use my yard and I said no. Why? Because the yard is for my dogs. If they wanted to sit outside in my yard with my dogs and the dog shit, they would be welcome to, but then when I said that, she said no because she wants to have all the doors open both to the yard and to the street. So what she is really asking is for me to have to close MY doors and keep MY dogs in the house all day and into the night so HER family can enjoy my yard that I pay for. So I’m thinking no, no that won’t work at all. When you look at it like that, it’s actually rather unreasonable.

This is my living room when I first moved in.

This is my living room when I first moved in.

It looks different now. I have a new living room set, some rugs. You can’t see my view of the jungle covered Sierra Madres either, which really makes the house.



  1. You need to post un after photo of you living room šŸ™‚ now I am all curious to see the difference šŸ™‚

  2. I’m with Violet, bring on the pictures.

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