Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 3, 2008

Mystery and Suspense

I caught Grace O’Malley coming in the house with a big ‘ole lizard in her mouth. He was probably about the size of my hand from the crook of my thumb to the tip of my index finger. He was missing his tail. I cornered her in the kitchen and since he was very still, I thought he might be dead, so I bent down to pick him up and he bolted, causing me to issue a high-pitched girly scream. Now he’s either dying or biding his time under my stove.

Since I saw her bring him in, this does not explain the mysterious blood trail that leads from the back of the house down the hallway. The only thing I can say with relative certainty is that it isn’t my blood. Everyone else seems to be alive and well.

With so many other new, exciting and interesting things happening in my life, it’s a real struggle to sit down and work for clients for the last few days. I find myself drifting off into travel writer news groups, trolling websites looking at editorial calendars, and finding new and interesting ways to promote myself for writing gigs. I’m anxious to get started on the book too. On the top of my to-do list is to find a photographer that can handle the least photogenic person on Earth, me, for my head shots. Fun.

An Oregon man was beat to death in Cabo this week by the police. This is why we do not give lip to the policia. People will probably freak out about it because he’s white, not remembering that black and hispanic men get beat to death by American cops all the time.

and with that… I’m going to go make dinner.


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