Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 6, 2008

Sweating more by 8am than most people do all day…

It’s hot. It’s so, so hot.

Today is Saturday which means that my landlord and his family are making their weekly trip to my house to do random fixer upper stuff. I don’t know if it’s because they

a) are bored out their minds and have nothing to fix at their own house

b) really take that much pride in my house and want me to live in the nicest possible version of it

c) are spying on me for the US and/or Mexican government

but on some days it’s a little much. On random occasions I will look out my windows and see my landlord in my yard painting a fence or patching a scuff on the cement wall. At least this week he warned me that he will be coming over and…painting the eaves on the house because he wants them to match the staircase that he painted last weekend.

It also means that nothing in the world of writing or business is going to happen today (externally) so I am going to dedicate the day to really working. I hope to get most of my biznass done so that I can enjoy a nice, relaxing day of sweating and cursing tomorrow. Part of my work today is updating all of my blogs and to that end, I visited Technorati to see where my stats are with them. Instead, I found a list of favorited blogs that I had forgotten about (see sidebar for links). One that I particularly enjoy is What Tian has Learned. If you read the post on PC Magazine and the one on ghetto siphon coffee, you will understand why.

I am also going to take updated pics of the house for you, since y’all seem so interested in my lair. I will also take pictures of the mysterious piles of dirt that are congregating at the end of my street because nothing says “top blog” like pictures of dirt piles. My idea for next season is to start taking pictures of my street in June before the rains start and then so some time lapse photos throughout the season so that you can see the deterioration of my street, which has been fascinating to watch. I’ve never been so interested in rocks and dirt in my life. The erosion pattern, the riff-raff that washes down (a shoe! a little silver shopping cart!), and the boulders that appear from nowhere…I really need more friends.

They are tearing up this one section of road that is alongside a large ravine. As I drove by the other day, they had giant boulders on the road and they didn’t even look real. They were about half the size of the truck (giant!) and the mottling and angles made them look like something from a movie set.

I got my book contract yesterday and it actually looks more reasonable than I thought it might. I like that the publisher doesn’t use the word “universe” in the contract like some of the other writer’s agreements I’ve signed. They actually say that too… “publisher owns all rights to distribute throughout the entire universe…” Frankly, if aliens land and ask if they can reprint one of my articles, do you think I’m going to point to my contract and say, “no, you see here? It says the whole UNIVERSE. You can’t reprint this article in the Glakkzon Times until at least six months after publication here. Sorry.” I suppose they get points for thoroughness…

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