Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 7, 2008

Bulldozers and other BS

Yesterday morning, while I was whining about the heat, I heard an unusually loud noise outside. I thought that it might be the mysterious dirt movers, piling more dirt along side the other near the ravine that is my road. This was not the case. Instead it was an actual bulldozer that had some to spread the dirt and the love around. He scooped up most of the boulders and smoothed down 1/3 of my street. Why only 1/3? I cannot say. But since the other end of the road is nearly impassible, I’ve taken to parking on the very corner of my street and then backing up and leaving the same way I came in, so actually it’s quite nice.

Speaking of nice, the view of the mountains from my living room is nice. The view from one of my side windows is nice too; I can see downtown and the bay. The view from the roof is incredible. Absolutely stunning on all sides, but especially because I can see the entire bay, one of the largest in the world. The view from my side window, not so nice.

Behold the mysterious piles of dirt:

Dirt, Bulldozers & the Taco Stand

Dirt, Bulldozers & the Taco Stand

There you can see some of the piles of dirt. The others were thoughtfully pushed into the massive hole at the top of the street. That little hut is the taco stand that I still haven’t been to. It smells great though. You can also see the high quality of my street. Lovely.

The heat broke around 6pm yesterday with cool weather blowing in and a great thunder and lightening storm. I made a break for it just before the rain hit, heading down to the pharm to pick up some more bottled water, some baby wipes, deodorant that I had forgotten when I was shopping the other day. The baby wipes are for my feet, since I never wear shoes and live in a house with 2,000 animals. My feet are always dirty, but then they’ve been that way since I was born. Even when forced to wear shoes, I generally refuse socks. Once I went and picked out a christmas tree in the snow at a U-cut lot in a pair of Keds, no socks. How’s that for a California girl?

After my nap yesterday I was weirdly energized. I had spent the better part of my day procrastinating a big project that I swore I’d have a draft of for a client on Monday. After waking up I actually got a big chunk of it done so I feel pretty good about that. Then I took pictures of my living room for you guys.

My Lair

My Lair

I hope that you didn’t think that when I said, “I have curtains” you thought I meant real curtains with like a rod and stuff. Nope. I have pareos tied to my window for one reason. In the morning when I am checking email and stuff, the sun shines right in that window. I spent 90% of my home time on that couch, mostly working on my laptop. I have a real desk and desktop computer in my bedroom but I never use it.

Here’s the other side:

I hope you see that I have managed to keep a plant alive for once. I have one live and one half-dead plant in my living room and recently was bequeathed another live and another half dead plant for my kitchen. Maybe if I get all motivated, I’ll post pictures of that room next. You can see my beautiful fire engine red blender and matching toaster oven. The excitement never stops on this blog! Dirt, kitchen appliances…

Apollo’s most recent bounty:

Notice the ears in the bottom of the frame

Notice the ears in the bottom of the frame

I hate it when he kills lizards. I really do. Giant bugs I’m okay with. I found a pair of disembodied wings on the living room floor that were at least as long as my index finger. I live in a carnival of gross.


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