Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 8, 2008

Craigslist personal ads & Mysterious Strangers

First off, I came up with a new ad for CL which I couldn’t post in my locality because I’ve tried. If you saw some of the responses I’ve gotten, you would have moved back to civilization. Not me, man. I’m a trooper. Here’s the ad:

Secondly, I answered my phone last week. Once. I am not sure why I did this, but I did and the result was a garbled conversation where I agreed to meet a mysterious stranger today at 11am. This was our conversation:

ME: “Bueno…” (this is how you answer the phone in Mexico, btw)

MS: “Bueno?”

ME: “Bueno?”

MS: “Buenas tardes, sdfhsd sddfs wwer sfsdf sd wd sdsdd sr tsfsd gsgsgs….”

ME: “Um…si?”

MS: “You speak English?”

ME: “Yes.”

MS: “I spoke with jdskfhskdjfh and she said that you can dfhskgjh skjfhsdkjf djkfhskfjhskv. I would like to set up a time to meet with you to discuss fkghk djfhskdjf and dgkhsdkj.”

ME: “Okay. How about Monday?”

MS: “Monday? (sounds disappointed, but I had spying to do on my neighbors on Friday and Saturday) OK. Where is your office?”

ME: “How about I meet you at your office? Where are you located? (my office currently being my couch)”

MS: gives address

ME: “and I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch you name…”

MS: “It’s kdsjfh sdkjfhsdkjfshdk.”

ME: “uh, great. I’ll see you Monday at 11am.”

This is why I don’t answer my phone. First of all, following Spanish in person is hard enough, it’s impossible to do on the phone. In this case, it was a mix between the guys accent and the connection that made it impossible to know who he was or what he wanted. I suspect he’s a potential client so I’ll act accordingly (by getting dressed today).

The detox is going fairly smoothly although the effects bumped up a notch over the last two days. I feel woozy and dizzy, very, very tired. The electric shocks started last time by the feeling that someone physically reached into my head and started shaking my brain. This time its more like when you are just standing around minding your own business and someone comes up and puts their hand on your shoulder and pretends to push you over and you lose your balance just for a second. Or perhaps when you lean too far back in your office chair and suddenly feel like you are going to tip over. Disconcerting but at least not painful. Yet. I wish I could buy just five pills so I could take 1/2 when it gets really bad. I don’t really want to invest in a pack of 14, but it’s better than being crazy. I did get all teary while reading Postsecret yesterday and caught myself thinking crazy, depressed people thoughts a few times. I know this is the meds because everything within my power in my life is going awesome.

My agent says we should start hearing back on my personal book in the next couple of weeks. I guess publishers generally take the summer to chill and start looking at new stuff after Labor Day. I’m excited to hear back. Also, my contract negotiations are this week for the travel book. Lots of exciting stuff!


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