Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 16, 2008

The Very Bad Day

The night before last I could tell I was teetering on the brink of meltdown. Sure enough yesterday found me awake and exhausted at 7AM because the stupid cats were having some kind of paralympics, leaping in and out of the laundry basket in my room and then running under the bed and wrestling, bumping up against the mattress and clawing at it from below.

I punctuated their events by screaming obscenities at them and finally breaking down and securing an “anti-personnel device” AKA broom handle, and sweeping under the bed for cats, shooing the little bastards out until they came running back in five minutes later. All I wanted to do was sleep in.

Angry and tired, I got up to find not one, not two, but three steaming piles of putrid kitten shit on the tile floors in three sep. rooms. So foul where these gifts that I found myself in the bathroom gagging for several minutes, exactly how I want to start my day. This resulted in a sobbing breakdown wherein I ranted and raved about how all I wanted to do was save the lives of two helpless kittens and since then my life has been absolute misery. My house is basically a toilet or perhaps a psych ward. I can’t lay down a carpet without a cat shitting on it or because now everything smells like cat piss and shit (they don’t have Nature’s Miracle here, so I do the best with what I have but the odor is impossible to remove with an enzyme cleaner), the dogs have also taken to urinating on the rugs.

I no longer can sleep in because the kittens start playing and racing around at 7am and the other cats join in. I start more morning than not with gagging and picking up shit and now to top it all off, since I took away the rug, some or all of the cats have taken to pissing in the chair of my new living room set. The chair that doesn’t have a removable cushion. What the hell am I supposed to do? Frankly, yesterday, I was regretful that I didn’t just let them die. I hate to say it but the total ruination of my furniture and my house is not a payoff for my good deed that will result in me being warm-hearted again.

I think that tomorrow I am dropping them off at a local clinic with some money to pay for their care. I just can’t live like this anymore. I have always hated going to someone’s house and having it reek like cat piss. It’s disgusting and fortunately, I’ve never been that person. I’m not about to start either. Even with having Carolina wash the rugs twice a week, the furniture is the last straw.

So, gagging, crying jag, exhausted, headache, I decided it would be a good day for self-care. I had a grandiose plan that included haircut & color, manicure, massage, facial, nice lunch at a decent restaurant, a little time at the casino, and finally some cocktails. Sounds awesome, right? Lord knows I need it.

Well that did not happen. I am working on launching a new blog for my books and I’ve been trying to find a wordpress designer, a graphic designer and other related people to design a custom, branded site. I found a good WP person, but she doesn’t do graphics. The graphics people I’ve reached out to haven’t been working out, so she said to look on iStockphoto. I spent literally four hours looking at photos on that site and not a single one did anything for me. So back to square one.

Between trying to find someone, anyone who isn’t retarded to help me with my project, looking at a zillion photos and royalty free illustrations and finishing up some work on press releases that are going out today, my day was once again shot. I went to the grocery store to restock on supplies, possibly the worst decision that I’ve ever made. For last night and today is Independence Day in Mexico.

I struggle with how to describe the grocery store to you. It smelled as if I had plugged my nose directly into the most foul armpit you could imagine. Every aisle was teeming with people, chattering and having conversations in the middle of the aisle, letting their 6 children run up and down, bumping into people and tossing food on the floor. You could not go up one aisle and down another because every aisle was two carts across with families of 11 people all grocery shopping. Because the entire population of the city had descended like locusts, the stockers were working overtime with giant pallets of crap, restocking every shelf. It was basically a preview of hell.

So obviously today can only be better. Tomorrow has been selected for my day of self-care and I am leaving at 11am to drop the dogs off for grooming and then plunging myself into a day of self-indulgence.


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