Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 17, 2008

Sticks and Stones

I know you’ve probably been thinking, “gee, I bet my friend in Mexico has been really enjoying her nice, smooth dirt road since the bulldozer came through last week.” Or whenever the hell I wrote about that. Well, I can tell you how long my nice smooth road lasted, 13 hours. That evening was a nice, heavy tropical rain that washed down boulders, branches, pylons, and other unfriendly flotsam. But it doesn’t matter because the bulldozer came back this morning at 7:30 to do it again. Now I can enjoy my road today and maybe tonight before another good rain comes through. Woo hoo.

I’ve thought  about moving to the neighborhood I really want to live in and no longer having to deal with the horrible streets here but I’ve got a good thing going and I know it. I pay $300/mo for a gorgeous 2 bedroom house and I have a housekeeper/sitter who lives across the street. I have a stunning view of both the mountains and the ocean. My neighbors are QUIET and almost never, ever listen to loud Banda music (think polka but in Mexico, it’s a regional music and it’s so, so awful). My downstairs neighbors are practically invisible. The streets are just the trade off. I could live in where I want, with it’s paved streets and fancy houses and dollars to donuts my neighbors would actually have Bandamex band and they would practice day and night. Or they would run cockfights out of their backyard. Or a million other things could be wrong. I think I’ll just suffer through the roads.

My brother is coming on Saturday so last night I ordered a new camera online for overnight shipping because I’m going to be doing all of this traveling and I thought not only am I providing pics for the book, but I need them for my own book as well. I can also try selling some of the ones I take if I get some good ones. The sad part is that for all of my careful research, I didn’t end up getting what I wanted, which was a top of the line digital camera with manual controls. I should have read the reviews more carefully, but that said, I’d probably never learn how to use it anyway.

Since I was all about the ordering online, I went to to see if I could get some more t-shirts and shorts before the summer stuff is all gone. I love jcrew for the same reason I used to love the Gap and Banana Republic. Behind the tiaras and glitter eye liner, I am a very casual person and…a comfort junkie. They have nice classic v-neck t-shirts, twill shorts and tank tops. Basically my uniform. Sometimes I mix it up with cargo shorts or a dressier shirt, but in Mexico it’s really pointless. The harsh detergents, sun and hard water fade my clothes right out. It’s too hot to wear anything but cotton. Make-up melts off. Cobblestone or dirt streets all year turn into raging rivers during the rainy season. There is never any reason not to wear flip-flops. I have four pairs. I buy them for $2.20 at the supermarket in every color (bright blue, hot pink, black, green) so that they go with whatever I’m wearing (khaki, gray or brown shorts, pink, blue or brown t-shirts mostly).

I used to really worry about being too casual for business meetings but every meeting is usually the same. We both show up in shorts and flip-flops and look relieved that the other person did too. The exception to this is my real estate clients. They always dress up and make me feel like a schlubby hobo. Fortunately, I’m accepting of this flaw.

So i went to last night and holy crap! It’s like a 1960’s trailer park exploded up in there. They are actually selling muumuus and shift dresses in 60s prints. It was horrifying. I hope that they aren’t going the way of the Gap and Old Navy to sell absolute tacky, trendy crap. I remember when the Gap had nothing but this 1980’s knock-off bullshit. It wasn’t cool then and it sure isn’t cool now. I guess the 60’s are coming back. Why can’t it be the 30’s? or the 40’s? or even the 50’s?



  1. Now you’ve spurned my interest.

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