Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 23, 2008

Zoo Pictures

I’ll give you the play by play later…

We held and cuddled Princess, the lion cub

We held and cuddled Princess (2 mo)



  1. I want to come visit the baby animals! I’m a sucker for all things animal.

  2. that zebra pic is the best pic ever.. I’m guessing the cages were a 3 foot chain link fence you could totally lean over/crawl into the animal pens?

  3. OMG! That zebra looks scarilly amazing 🙂 Super cool picture!!!!
    I am not really into visiting Loompaland but you can ship me that baby lion 🙂 I want one! How did you get to lucky to play with a baby lion? Such a cute kitten 🙂

  4. SUPER cool pictures. That zebra needs to brush her theet more often 🙂 eik…I do want the baby lion. Can you ship him to me? 🙂 That’s one wild kitten I will keep. How did you get lucky to get to see a baby lion this close?

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