Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 24, 2008

Zoo, etc…

Okay so the deal with the zoo is:

$10 to get in and $5 more for a bag of food. The bag has five different kinds of treats in it and on the outside of the bag, it tells you which animals eat what. Not that that stopped me from trying to feed various things to animals that weren’t listed (Hyenas like animal crackers and the Baboon is more interested in peanuts than cookies). Unfortunately, the bag contains no meat products or live creatures for the larger, more dangerous animals. I would have gladly paid extra for some rabbits and a few steak chunks.

There are no concrete moats, glass enclosures or other safety measures. You are welcome to climb under the teetering makeshift sawhorses that are supposed to keep you back from the leopard cage and pet them if you want to risk losing a finger. The non-human eating animals barely have fences high enough to keep them inside. I’m fairly certain that if the giraffe or ostriches were so inclined, they could hop over their walls and wander around. You can pet and/or feed everything (or almost everything). The black bears were really, really gentle.

For an extra $10 you can get into the enclosure with the cubs. This time they had the lion cub but in December, they will have new baby white and bengal tigers.


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