Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 26, 2008

Back to the grindstone

First of all, let me say that whoever is advising McCain should be FIRED. Bailing on David Letterman was an appallingly bad PR move.  Dave is like a terrier with a sock toy when it comes to people dissing him. The entirety of Dave’s audience will now be treated to McCain jokes and rehashing of the event until well after elections. Even Oprah had to finally give in after eons of jokes and schtick on his show and I think we all know that McCain’s no Oprah. (Oprah wouldn’t have selected a know-nothing backwoods hillbilly for a running mate, something that will be the ultimate demise of the campaign if there is a God). Reading America’s news is like watching a train wreck…I just can’t look away.

My contract is final for the book so I should be able to start writing any minute now. I’m planning something for my birthday in March to celebrate the completion of the book, my birthday and the fact that I’m managed, in two years, to achieve two lifelong dreams. I’m thinking cruise right now … but it’s still a ways off so that could change.

Speaking of back to the grindstone, I’ve dallied around all morning and now I’ve got to get in the shower so I’m not late for my appt!

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