Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 27, 2008

Off on an Adventure

I have some links for you today, things that I have come across while writing a recent essay.

Yoda Quotes

Some Characteristics of Americans as explained by a Hungarian.

and I found this on another blog…etiquette hell. I skimmed through the faux pas of the year weddings section and deeply enjoyed wedding invitation disclaimers (only monetary gifts will be accepted) and the fantastic $115 cover charge for the reception. The dating section is pretty good too (although I think I can fill my own website with my bad date stories. I did enjoy the woman who was introduced to her date’s father on the first date…the kicker being that he was cremated and in a box on the bookshelf.

So today I’m getting off my duff to head out and take some photos for a story I am writing (it just goes to show you that I don’t let stupid things like not having any information or photos stop me from pitching a story to a major magazine). I full on plan to get me a crack burrito too while I’m out and about. Expect some photos to be posted tonight!


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