Posted by: comfortjunkie | September 29, 2008

Curry of the Damned

Yesterday was actually more boring than the day before, like most weekends for me. I’m waiting to get paid, so running off to do things was out of the question. I added a zillion editors and writers to my twitter feed, took a nap, watched two movies, read some of my book, went to the store and made the curry of the damned.

I found the recipe on a Thai food website. It looked pretty with photos and such. I would have helped if I had actually read the recipe before going to the store so when I returned I realized I had half the coconut products I needed. I had the milk but I did not have the cream. So since I had half the coconut, I added half the curry. Since the recipe called for curry paste and I only had curry power, and I read online that curry powder doesn’t contain as many aromatic spices as fresh curry or curry paste, I added some of the more aromatic spices from my cupboard. I’m not sure what they were exactly, but not the chili powder. I sprinkled some of that in and added the veggies (potatoes, onion, carrot). It smelled pretty good but upon tasting it, it was actually quite foul. I tried adding more salt, some pina colada mix (yes, I did), more sugar but nothing helped. I tried dousing it in Sriracha sauce but that couldn’t mask the hideousness of it. In the end, I fed some of it to the dogs and threw the rest away. I made a quesadilla with pepperjack and american cheese instead. I am sad about the curry.

Last night I watched Baby Mama which was funny but like all romantic comedies, made me want to slit my wrists and take a warm bath. After that, I watched Death Race, which was MUCH better in terms of cheering me up. In case you aren’t aware, the hottie from the Transporter, Jason somebody, ends up in this three part race with armored cars with weapons. The exact same kind of car I want. I was just thinking about how much happier and more social I’d be if it were the apocalypse and I could have a Mad Max car with a cow catcher and some weaponry. Then it wouldn’t bother me to have to drive to the supermarket or the theater. When people were in my way or I couldn’t find parking, I’d just blow them up.

I attempted to get into stock photography to earn some money from my photos, but apparently my photos suck so that idea is out the window. The likelihood of me taking the time to learn how to take good stock photos is hovering around nil so that’s one more thing I don’t have to worry about.

In other news, I’m buying the Skype wi-fi phone. Yes siree bob, I am. It’s $135 on Amazon and you can use it anywhere there is a wi-fi connection, which around here is almost everywhere. I can call other Skype people for free or use it to call those people I never call because I get tired of sitting at my computer by the end of the day and don’t want to be plugged in to a headset by the time they get home from work and have had some time to take care of their business (which is usually 7-8pm Pacific, so 9-10pm my time). Not the time of day when I am at my most chatty. The cool thing is that yes, since it’s wi-fi, you can use it ANYWHERE in the world with Internet access. Super cool and Telmex can suck it.



  1. It’s Jason Stantham and he is uber hot!
    i think i need to rent death race..seeing random folks blown up would cheer me up a bit i think…

  2. I think it’s out in theaters? I’m not sure. I DLed a studio screener version… but yeah, he was HOT in it and there was lots of wonderful gratuitous violence.

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