Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 2, 2008

A terrible thought

What if this is it? What if there is NO MORE RAIN and I have to suffer through the next two weeks in a sweaty puddle of hate?

I finally sat down and wrote an article for a magazine editor that I pitched a week ago. Now if he says he wants pics to go with it, I’ll have to run my ass out and find some. I’m really interested in taking this overnight trip into the jungle by horseback though. I think I’d like to go with someone. It sounds like fun.

I’m tired but skipped my nap in favor of finishing the article today. I tried to find somewhere other than the head of the local Dem party’s house to watch the debates but couldn’t get a single helpful reply when I inquired online what expat bars might be showing it. Guess I’m watching it live online from the Democratic party’s website…that or playing xBox, I haven’t decided yet. Not since Spawn of Satan WII, has a candidate inspired such a burning hatred as Palin. I wish to watch her get her ass handed to her in front of the world. Even Quayle wasn’t this ridiculous. It’s like having a muppet run for President.

An internet friend is moving to town nxt week to play with her band at one of the local resorts. It will be nice to have another friend in town. Speaking of which, how many of you secretly voted that I would flake on going out at 11pm? I didn’t flake really, I didn’t need to. Something unexpected came up and I ended up not only giving all the money I had away to someone else but now owing my rent and an additional $200 to someone. I didn’t have enough money for a beer (which I don’t drink anyway, but it’s only $1) and wanted to save what gas was left in my car for my client meeting downtown today. Not to worry, I’ll get paid within a day or to and be all caught up again but it did put a damper on my dragging my ass out of the house late at night. As I got up from the couch at midnight to get some water, I realized that I will never again be starting a night at 11pm. Nope. And I will probably never again be staying up until 7am again or even partying until 4am…. just not into it. I’m fine with that.

For all of my cooking failures, I managed to make the unscrewuppable french toast for breakfast the other morning, or Freedom Toast if you prefer. I haven’t had that in a long time so it was a pretty exciting day.

So high season is starting imminently, which is kind of like New Year’s here, so my goals are to increase my local friend count by two. Right now I have three so I think five is a good number for me, providing none of them die or move away.

I’m still trying to find a decent yoga or pilates place nearby. I check out one by my friend’s house that not only offer yoga but “sexy dance.” While I’m not exactly considering taking sexy dance, I am def. going to take yoga somewhere and work on my flexibility. That’s goal #2. Toying with the idea of dragging my uncoordinated, rhythm-free feet to some kind of dance lessons but in practice, it seems unlikely.

Goal #3 is to take a art class of some kind. Paint, pottery, whatever. I’m creatively constipated. For work I’m so focused on marketing and business writing that my fiction writing is AWFUL. I mean really, really bad. The worst part is that I KNOW it is and am helpless to do anything about it. Everything comes to me in either news copy or corpspeak (not corpsespeak, that would be cool). I’m so linear that I can’t even IMAGINE anything fanciful or creative.

SO that’s it, three goals … personal goals that is. Work is a whole ‘nother game. I was reading my weekly job emails and realizing that for once, I don’t NEED to look for more work. In fact, I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy until April. Even jobs I would like, I can’t apply for because there just isn’t any more time in the day.

On a work note, I finally (finally) figured out how to work the Twitter so that it is useful and not stupid. My favorite “person” to follow is actually BBC news, but I’ve got a ton of writers and editors on there too, plus expats who live in places I want to go. I grew up in some small towns in Northern California so for fun I was searching by location to see who lives in those towns and is on twitter. A few.

Ok, 2:30= shower time so I can go to my meeting and then pick something up from my lawyer. My new motto: Every day I’m not in a Mexican prison is a good day.



  1. Great personal goals. I should try achieving one someday. I also grew up in a small town in Nor Cal. I check out the local paper online every once in a while to see if anyone I know has been arrested. It’s sad how excited that makes me. Maybe I should make my first goal about not being so overjoyed at the misfortune of others. Maybe. But a pottery class sounds like so much more fun.

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