Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 3, 2008


So I watched the debates online last night and I’ll admit, it’s the first debate I’ve ever watched. Truly. I’m really not that political (as if that wasn’t evident) but watching it on CNN live while following the #VPDebate thread on Twitter was a lot of fun. The saddest part was the gay marriage issue. I wish that Biden hadn’t flip-flopped on that and I think it’s sad that Palin can straight up say she’s against it and then go on to talk about equality later in the debate. That’s equality for everyone but them homos. Golly shucks.

Why am I even interested when I don’t live in the US nor do I plan on ever returning to live in the US? Because I’m just as confused about how anyone can consider Palin a viable candidate for VP (and probably President) as I was when W got elected. In light of Palin, W looks like a super-genius. It was like watching Tina Fey in the debate last night. She was smug, condescending, smirky, annoying, evasive and didn’t bring one original thought to the table. She read from her cue cards and remembered the lines that were fed to her. You could see her struggle when questions came up that she wasn’t prepared to answer. When she said “McCain-Palin administration” chills ran down my spine.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense. Today I’m off to pay my ticket, have coffee with a friend and other assorted errands. Have a good Friday and just say NO to Fraggles in the White House.



  1. I dont think that Biden flip-flopped. I got teary eyed hearing a politician on that national stage come out and say so clearly about providing equal rights to same sex couples. He cant come out and say hes for ‘gay marriage’ because marriage is something that should be a function of churches and not the state, and our system is just antiquated. In order to provide those equal rights to same sex couples, they have to have a legal way to acknowledge those…

    The fact that the ‘news’ says that palin and biden ‘agreed’ on gay rights is a load of horseshit. Biden was for equal rights, and palin said a very passive agressive ‘not against it’ aka if it ‘magically happens’ without us (prez/vp) having something to do with it…

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