Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 5, 2008

A Most Effective Idea.

Yes, I know you can only see half of the comic I posted. Click it to see the whole thing. I thought about fixing it but then I decided it was too much effort.

One of the questions that I get about moving here is would I do it again? Am I sorry? The short answers are both no. In retrospect, the only spect I have seen to have, it was poorly executed and I chose the wrong country. I should have chosen a country with expats my own age in it. There are expats here that are my age but not in this city, they are all trapped inland in computer programming jobs. All the other, young, fun, hip expats are traveling to Europe and Asia, impractical places for me to move to (because of the whole driving my car on water thing). Really, I picked probably the best place in THIS country but I certainly picked the wrong country if I wanted to have a social life. I’m not saying there aren’t ANY people my own age or that there aren’t any cool people that aren’t my own age and that I wouldn’t want to hang out with, but there are not an abundance of choices.

I realized while watching TV last night, as the camera pulled back on a shot of a beautiful Victorian house with a wraparound porch, the kind I would have loved to live in, that I cannot fathom living in a house where I had to keep the windows shut. My house is open air now and I hate the idea of closing myself up in a box for half the year or longer. This is problematic for moving back to the US unless I move to the Florida Keys, I think, and that’s too expensive.

The best I could hope for is 8 mo. here and 4 in the states. Traveling for four months and leaving the pets behind sucks unless I had a reliable person staying in my house and caring for them. Even then I would be paranoid and edgy. Bringing them would be a possibility but then I’d have to rent a house short-term that allowed pets, keep the cats inside in for 4 mo. The two places I would consider spending my summers are expensive. Actually three… I would love to live in Tahoe for 4 mo. a year.

Anyway, despite the fact that it was not the best decision, it was an effective decision. It was what I needed to shove my ass into doing something with my life and I doubt that would have happened if I’d stayed in the states. Any state. Still, it gets awfully lonely down here sometimes even for this misanthropic hermit.

Last night there was a very loud concert next door and in addition to YMCA and four most popular songs in Mexico, they played a lot of techno. There are two types of people who listen to techno: vampires and my friend D (who looks a little like Nosferatu when she makes the badger face). It’s all I can think about when I hear it. Every recent vampire movie has a club scene with vampires and hangers on dancing to techno. It made me think of a little short story that I might share with you later if you are good and clean your room today.


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