Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 7, 2008

The Very Bad Day

Yesterday started off great. I was excited to get up and get over to a client’s house to watch them shoot a commercial. Their house is really amazing. I think the commercial turned out well and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I also met someone really intriguing that I will hopefully be able to add to my friend stable in the future.

After I left, I went to an ATM to get some cash to pay the lawyer. I’m in between paychecks at the moment, thanks to another client who routinely invites me down to their office to say we are ready to go and then when I set aside time for them, disappears off the face of the earth for a month (or three), I was basically getting my last couple hundred out of the bank. I requested $200 and the ATM gave me $100 and no receipt. When I checked my balance immediately, they had indeed, taken $200 from my account. So now I’m short the money for the lawyer, broke temporarily, and on the way to the commercial, my truck was hit by a bus.

The bus drivers, secure in their absolute power of being the biggest, most indestructible thing on the road, don’t find it necessary to take into account that other people sometimes use the streets as well. So they whip around corners without even slowing to see if anyone is coming and because they have the driving skill of Miss Daisy, they take them as wide as possible, sometimes clipping buildings on the opposite side of the street. So the bus driver did this and as he attempted to straighten out, scraped his bus along the side of my truck, the whole side. Awesome. I supposed I should be grateful that it’s just cosmetic and they didn’t plow into the front of my car but really I just hope that one night, when he’s driving alone on his way home, his bus meets the archenemy of Mexico buses, the giant ravine.

So I was beyond stressed yesterday, stressed about money, stressed about the car and I’m really starting to get stressed about the book. It’s October 7 and my new deadline is not Oct 20th (THANK GOD) but November 10. Somehow I am supposed to do an entire 1/3 of the book in 30 days or less (because I still don’t have the contract or the original manuscript). Even if I got it by this Friday, we are talking less than a month for more than 30 hotels, 50 restaurants, 10-15 galleries, shopping, tours, etc… plus writing and photos while managing a full work load of clients and writing two magazine articles. Sigh. The very first thing I’m doing when I get paid is starting on the spas with a 90 minute massage and then a facial.

BUT after I relaxed a while and the stress headache went away I started working on the impossible project of designing an invitation for an event for another client and I found some really cool, totally unrelated photoshop tutorials, like how to turn any photo into pin-up style art or comic book style art. I’m leaving you with those this morning:

Pin-up Effects video tutorial

Stylized Comic Book Characters video tutorial


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