Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 11, 2008

Cool Saturday Morning

It’s cool and rainy this morning, no doubt having something to do with the storms/hurricanes off the coast above and below us. So in the spirit of not being sweaty and bitter by 9AM yet still covered in white cat hair from Grace’s routine morning snuggle, here are some cool things I found online.

1) Advanced Style: a link from Boing-Boing, it’s a photoblog of the silver set in NYC and their interesting fashion choices.

2) Again from Boing-Boing, it’s monkey waiters! D and I will have to take a special trip so that monkeys can bring us hot towels because I think secretly, she likes monkeys as much as I do. This takes me back to the time when I was drafting a letter to corporate about how they could save a lot of money on salaries if they hired monkeys to run their sales territories. I would have gladly took a pay cut to be a monkey chauffeur.

3) I bet I would have wanted this kid to be my boyfriend when I was eleven, but now he’s probably already seeing one of his teachers.

4) For hard cord gamblers, let me know if you find a sports book willing to pay out on these odds of how you are going to die.

5) Because I’m a geeky writer and I so very much appreciate it when other people (that is, people besides me) publicly lose their shit, I’m including this link to the original Giles Coren rant and a video satire.

Yesterday I took 250 self portraits with my new camera. How depressing is it that I like only 20 of them and five of those were out of focus? Bummer.


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