Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 13, 2008

First year of college revisited

The rain came today. The rain that was promised when when I found out we had so many storm fronts off the coast. I worked on the book a bit this morning then spent some quality time with the xBox 360. I played Hitman Blood Money for a while but it didn’t satisfy my blood lust so I busted out Doom 3 for the xBox and appreciated the backward compatibility of my gaming system.

Doom 3 reminds me of college because I dated a guy who played Doom. To get into the spirit of the game, I played a little 1990’s metal to go along with it. Then as punishment for spending too many hours in front of the TV or perhaps as result of the horrible strobe lights they use in the game, I was struck with a blinding migraine. It came complete with nausea, dizziness and light sensitivity, the collector’s edition migraine. At this time, the brunt of the rain was upon us and it was once again raining in my house. It was raining from both cupolas, in the hallway and running down the slanted ceiling of my bedroom. I slipped and slid my way to bed and crawled in, even getting under the covers because it was cool enough and waited for my drugs to kick in. It felt like I was bleeding out of my eyes.

On the plus side, all the kids got into bed with me too and so in between the stabbing pains, I could reach out and stroke someone’s fur or pull on a tail which sometimes got me a sympathy lick. Two hours later the pain has subsided mostly and I can function again. It’s still raining so I made some tea.


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