Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 14, 2008

Random crap

I’ve been debating on whether I should write anything about the totally weird psychic flash I had the other night, not because you’d think I was even crazier than you probably already do but because if it was psychic, I don’t want to jinx it. But then if it is psychic and it does come to pass, then I have no proof that I actually saw it before it happened if I don’t write it here. Hmmm. So basically I was just lying in bed, listening to the voices and BANG, I had a completely visual, er, vision. This is weird for me because I actually don’t think in pictures or remember in pictures. I don’t seem to have a visual memory, in fact, I spent a lot of time as a child really freaked out when I would go to crowded places with my family because I wasn’t sure I could remember what they looked like if I lost them.

Anyway, I saw this guy for about 5 seconds and he was talking to me. That was the other weird thing. No one talks to me. I’m an observer, never a direct participant. I’m pretty sure this guy was the guy. Then it was gone. Weird right? Yeah, I thought so too and no, I hadn’t taken any drugs or been drinking, huffing glue or shooting heroin in my eyes that day. I didn’t even lick a cane toad. So just in case I meet, fall in love with and marry a bald guy with a lip piercing in a strange Hawaiian shirt, you can back me up that I saw it in a vision. Then hopefully you will come and rescue me before they burn me at the stake.

I am supposed to make two new friends this high season and I already made one, so I’ve got one left. I thought that perhaps joining would bring an influx of interesting people into my life and help with this goal. After spending far too much time making a profile, unsuccessfully trying to upload photos (and I’m a technology GENIUS people, yet I couldn’t figure it out) and getting an instant request for two people to come crash at my pad, I deleted my account. I realized that I just can’t have strangers stay at my house. There’s a certain amount of giving you have you do when you have guests…costs that are incurred. I mean, they will be drinking my bottled water, using my shower, running my electricity, then there’s the fact that no one can find my house, so I have to meet them in town and presumably give them a ride, and then in the morning, it would be rude not to offer them coffee and tea, etc… and then there’s the laundry from the towels and sheets. Forget it! I’d rather be friendless and alone with only my dogs to keep me company. I’m perfectly able to carry on in-depth conversations with them, psychically intuiting their answers to my probing questions.  That’s the great thing about being a psychic, you are never alone.

In other news, I sent out a notification to the media yesterday about the book and received an email back from an editor, “I want that blond woman’s phone number.” The blond woman being me. Creepy and inappropriate? I never thought about becoming an editor in order to meet hot chicks. I wonder if it works that way for hot guys too.

All of the pets are going as chupacabras for Halloween. Oh, so I live on the second floor and there’s just no way I’m running up and down stairs to pass out candy so I’m making candy bombs. I’ll wrap up some stuff into plastic sandwich bags, tie them with ribbon and hurl them off the balcony at the children. Awesome, right?


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