Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 15, 2008

What I meant was

When I said that when I finally moved to a water-proof house, I would miss the interior rain, I meant that it was kind of rustic and er, tropical to have it rain in my living room and actually have a set of three towels and matching bowls just for when it rains. Unfortunately last night, about 40 minutes into the massive thunderstorm that spewed slanted sheets of rain into my house, it lost a lot of its novelty. I don’t mind it when it rains in the hallway, other than it being slippery, it’s not that much of a hassle (and my feet are nice and clean before bed), but when it rains HARD and sideways, it also rains on my photos hanging on the wall, my computer that sits inside my bedroom window and inside the vented bricks on my ceiling, causing the water to run down the slanted ceiling and drip all over the bedroom floor. Plus it rained all over my bed. 😦

I had a strange Christmas dream last night. I was headed to a major mall restaurant (like Cheesecake Factory) with some friends. When I got there, a mutual friend of Achmed and I was already at the table, along with some band from the South who happened to be in town. This “friend” was taking big handfuls of food from the band member’s plates and mushing them together, squishing the food between her fingers and then eating it. Very strange!

Well, I’m off to be interviewed this morning…have a good day.

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