Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 16, 2008

Cockfights and Flaming ATVs

This morning there was a trail of feathers through the house. It took a while before I found the corpse. Considering the amount of feathers, I was sure that it would be worse than it actually was. If a dead bird on the couch was not enough fun, the neighbor boys were outside on the corner teaching a rooster to fight, preparing it for the cockfights. I had to hear squabbling, angry roosters as they taunted the free rooster with one that was bound by it’s legs and merely used as bait. Fun. The animal cruelty in this country is something I just never get used to.

In the afternoon, I headed out for a real lunch at a real restaurant with a real dining companion. The food was good and it was nice to pretend that I am civilized and not some sort of insane hillbilly living up in the mountains in complete isolation. Better than the food was the sexy restaurant owner. I wish they had larger take-out boxes…

I went to Costco and bought two giant things of berries and then came home. That was my day. I have an even more fun day planned tomorrow when I go to the traffic office and pay my ticket so I can get my driver’s license back and stop at home depot for my new garbage can. Seriously, the fun never stops here.

I ordered Saint’s Row 2 today and after watching the video review on IGN, I am seriously excited about it. One of the mini-game side missions is to drive around in a flaming suit on an ATV and set people on fire and blow up their cars. I know its hard to see how this would appeal to me, but it does. It really does. Best of all, I can finally make a GIRL character, thus further blurring the lines between gameplay and reality. I don’t care what anyone says, GTA is for sissies. Saint’s Row is the bomb. Screw Rockstar and their “realistic” scenarios and physics engines. In Saint’s Row, you can shoot people with rocket launchers and throw pedestrians 20 feet into the air with your bare hands then drive through crowds with your bulldozer. Now THAT’S entertainment.

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