Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 19, 2008

Cleanse my aura

Yesterday, instead of a fun day frolicking in the bay, I decided to work all day from about 8am to 8:30pm. Nothing like putting in a twelve hour day on the weekend! I wrote the feature article I was working on, some work for a neglected client, wrote some blog posts, went to and reviewed two bars/restaurants, took pictures, wrote three more articles for a new client, and finally decided it was time to relax.

I’ve been feeling guilty about buying GTA IV and hating it so much so I decided to give it another try. I have now played the same mission 23 times and not been able to beat it. This is probably the least fun game I have ever, ever played. Instead of paying $60 for it when it came out, I could have done a lot of way more fun stuff with that money like get a root canal or pay for a bum fight.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was like Saint’s Row (the way more awesome game) and once you reached the halfway point in the mission, you could start from there when you died. No, instead you have to start at the beginning which always means driving from the farthest point in the city to the exact opposite point of the city, a long and tedious process, just to restart the stupid mission. Now I wait for a cab and skip the ride but that still doesn’t help me beat the mission and even when I do beat, there will be nothing left to do except more of the exact same mission. Booooring. Even the side missions are boring and stupid. Steal a car 20x. Wheee. The character is boring. The graphics are beautiful but BORING, the clothing choices are boring. I don’t even know where I am in the game but I’ve got to be halfway or at least 1/3 into it and nothing has happened yet. Rockstar sucks. San Andreas was WAY more fun.

So, my neighbors came over just now and they all do the same really annoying thing (must be a theme today), that is to ring the doorbell and insist that I come downstairs to talk to them when they can perfectly well shout at me from below like everyone else. Lord knows they are loud enough. It was the particularly shrill woman who hissed at me for taking my garbage out early. They chattered at me for like 10 minutes before realizing that I was telling them that had no idea what the hell they were talking about. Finally her husband brought over a rope and I thought, “well, at least now it’s getting interesting.”

Finally I realized that they wanted me to tie the rope to my balcony. For what? For a pinata. I was hoping for a lynching, but a pinata will do just fine. Hopefully I will be home when the pinata party starts so I can take pics. I love watching kids beat the crap out of paper animals with giant sticks for candy. Those are the kinds of lessons all children should learn. If you beat something or someone hard enough, you will eventually get rewarded. Plus the song they sing is kind of catchy.

However, WHILE she was standing there talking to me, tubby decided to go take a pee on the roof, on the lightening rod. The first doggie pee of the morning ran down the slant of my roof, into the gutter and out the drainspout about two inches from this woman. My, she was surprised. I was horrified but covered it up nicely. I mean, it’s a dog. I can’t control where he pees. Anyway, that made the whole having to put a robe on and go downstairs thing worth it, an awful but still kind of funny story.

Anyway, after playing GTA for an hour and not getting anywhere, I decided to watch a movie. Unfortunately, it happened to be one of those nights where my xBox and computer weren’t getting along and no matter what I tried, they wouldn’t connect. This happens sometimes and so I wait a day and for some reason it works again. Whatever. I was so annoyed and irritable that I couldn’t think of a single thing to do so I went to bed on a Saturday night at 10pm. I’m such a loser. I would have read a book but the bugs are out and so keeping the lights on anywhere is not an option.

Today I am headed downtown to the health fair, which for us means shaman from mountains and and all kinds of healers and witchdoctors. I think I need to get my aura cleansed. I suspect it’s murky at the moment.


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