Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 20, 2008

Regurgitated Frog

This was my present this morning, a whole frog, eaten and then horked up on the living room floor. First of all, WHO ate a WHOLE frog last night? That’s what I want to know. It was not a small frog either.

Well, I missed the health fair, or rather, it was not in the location it was supposed to be so I didn’t get my aura bleached. I did have a moment of clarity where I realized exactly WHY I’m in such a foul temper lately. It seems that previously, my mind-control drugs were muting everything and now, for the first time in a long time, I can FEEL everything again. I cannot explain to you how unpleasant that is! Still, I know it’s only temporary. The heat is making me cranky every day and right now my life is in this weird flux state, but it’s just a matter of time before everything is straightened out again. It’s also been a long time since I visited the states,and that means far too much time in Mexico for me. I need to go back more often if only to recall why I left in the first place. Seriously, it’s just so goddamn hot right now. By 11, I’m sweating and the sweating continues until well into the evening. I’ve been sleeping without a sheet or anything until at least 5am. It’s miserable.

I remember feeling like this at the exact same time last year too. There is no relief. Even the ocean breezes blow hot. Just a couple more weeks…that’s what I need to tell myself. I just need to make it two more weeks.

The heat really is making me psychotic too. I totally lost my shit today, as per usual, in such a way as to make myself look like as big an ass as possible. You would think I would learn but no, it appears when it comes to behavior modification, I am unteachable. Lose your shit = look like an ass = suffer shame and regret, rinse, repeat.

Ah well.

I see you, person googling for who links to this blog. I can tell you who. No one. And I like it like that.



  1. I’ve always been oddly impressed by how cats can swallow a bird, frog, etc…whole only to hork it up later as sort of an “offering”.

  2. Hey! I link to this blog!

    Not that it would help you because no one reads mine.

  3. I read your blog CCB! According to Google one person links to my blog in a post titled “why we still need feminism.” I’m too scared to read that post and find out in what context they felt linking to me would be appropriate. Ok, have to get back to reading “The Rules” now….

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