Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 21, 2008

My new schedule

Let’s see, work from 8am-1pm, go to the beach until 4pm, come home and nap until 6pm. I think that is more than fair.

I did go to the beach today. It’s exactly 3.7 miles from my house to the first public beach access. I knew I had reached Gringolandia because the first thing I saw was a well dressed man walk past me and promptly throw up at least 2 gallons of vomit, this at 1pm on a Tuesday.

After that disturbing visual, I walked around the corner to the beginning of the hotel zone beaches and found about four miles of empty beach chairs. There were like four people on the beach who weren’t selling bracelets and googley-eyed crab magnets. I helped myself to a palapa and promptly jumped into the water. I spent two glorious hours swimming and reading before I decided I had enough sun for the day. I’m very proud that I’ve lived here for almost two years now and have had exactly ONE reasonably bad sunburn. I stopped by the ATM where much to my delight, the exchange rate had converted my most recent pay into a lot more money than I had charged in US dollars. I took the free $50 I had and went to get a massage. I found my new favorite place because not only do they have air conditioning but they have a local special, one hour for $300 pesos. SCORE.

although my masseur was a fourteen year old boy (or somewhere thereabouts), it was a fantastic massage. I believe I actually left my body and went to some happy place far far away. It did get me thinking on whether rubbing down naked American women all day was an appropriate job for a pre-teen…but whatever. He was very professional for a toddler.

So yes, I’ve had enough of this sit all day at the computer bullshit. Winter is coming which means it’s perfect beach weather and I can finally start to earn my color back. I even got some belly tan today.

On the way home I made the tragic error of stopping for some teriyaki wings on free onion ring tuesday. Now I’m actually going to have to swim tomorrow instead of just floating around.


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