Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 22, 2008

Mental Health Day, Part II

Again I worked in the morning and after the maid accidentally flooded the house, I left and went back to the  beach. It’s not the prettiest beach but it’s close and there’s parking and lots of chairs. I finished my book and got a lot of color. The water is still really, really warm though. I can’t wait until it gets just a little colder.

It was apparently “bring your Asian to the cruise ship terminal” day. When you live in a multicultural mecca like Boston, you don’t really notice different nationalities as much, but here, where the two colors are white and brown, you do. The interesting part was that none of them were Asian couples, it was all mixed couples. I wonder if there was some kind of convention on one of the ships. No matter, it was just nice to see some different faces.

No massage today, no need to be a totally spoiled brat. Instead I made a nice dinner with the leftover wings, a salad and a roast beef wrap. Tomorrow is meeting day with the clients so I will probably do some running around and gathering info for the book afterwards and then depending on the time, go to the hotel to see my friend’s band. The good news is that I’ve already gotten several free hotel rooms for my upcoming road trip at some of the swankiest hotels around. Woo hoo!



  1. Ok, this is not fair. I’m up here freezing my tail off and we haven’t even hit winter yet. You are on the beach being all warm and stuff.

    So not fair.

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