Posted by: comfortjunkie | October 23, 2008

The Ani and I

I woke up at 4am to a noise that I had not heard before. GAH! I heard it again and got up, hoping it wasn’t another giant toad because it sounded big and raspy. I entered the living room to find everyone in a circle around a black bird. A big black bird. After sequestering Apollo “Bundy” Explorer in the bathroom, I ended up chasing the bird around the house with a broom, hoping to sweep it outside. It kept flying (sort of) around the floor and under the TV stand, behind the couch, down the hall, etc… until I managed to trap it with the broom and get my hands around it.

I know it was a an Ani, a Groove Billed Ani, to be precise because it had such an odd beak that I had to look it up this morning. I took him to the only place I could find, the roof and he flew away.

Strange things are afoot in front of my house this morning, giant earth moving machines and men in holes up to their necks (which sometimes you find in the middle of the street with only a road cone to warn you). I can only assume that by the end of the day, my street may be drivable again and what joy that would bring me!



  1. I love blog posts that make me look up things on Wikipedia. That’s a very unique beak.

  2. I do too. I think we all learned something valuable at the Groove Billed Ani today.

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